just fuck.
2003-08-29 - 10:39 p.m.

you will melt and die.

i am tired. i am more angry than i've ever been in a long time. everything that could've gone wrong, did and i lit up i caught on fire. [not literally, you fucks] i can't seem to contain my anger. once it passes a point. i hurled my phone at my door. i'm not too sure where it went. i flew out of the parking lot at a ridiculous speed and i drove home the same way. wanting not to go home wanting to just drive my car so fast it blew up. god. i hate feeling like this. it's not a feeling. it's. i think i spontaneously combusted internally.

into my house in a blur of tears, i was yelling to my dad about how i hate everybody at blockbuster and what asses they are and how i was going to kill them all. how i was going to set fire to the store. both. one right after the other. laughing all the while. i fucking hate blockbuster so badly.

i can't think right now.

forget you read that. this. anything.

kill me.


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