2003-09-09 - 5:25 p.m.

today i'm getting my car back. after many long days without it, it's going to be in my possession again in about thirty minutes. i saved a lot of gas without it here for me to drive around, but i hate having to ask other people to drive me around. and i had left my cds in my car because i thought it'd only be there for a day or two. i missed my cds.

somehow i have a picture of my buttcrack. sadly, i think taking that picture was the most productive thing i did all day today.

i've taken to eating out of the garbage can at home because i'm so poor now. oh gawd. it was clean, i swear.

if it's this bad at home, i hate to see what's going to happen when i move out. i'll probably eat my friends. or dryer lint.

i've really gone downhill.

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