a not-very-detailed account of my day.
2003-09-21 - 10:10 p.m.

today was a good day. one that gained momentum as the hours passed. ending perfectly. but i'm getting ahead of myself.

my sister and me went to the grocery store for frozen pizza. i sat in the car listening to music because she insisted on going in dressed as a pirate.

we came home and ate and listened to music and i wished that i wasn't there.

i reached the point where i couldn't take it anymore, so i shrieked and lunged at her head and tumbled over onto the floor. she shook her head, snarling at my retarded behavior. i told her sorry, but i was leaving her. i told her that the walls of the house were closing in on me and if i didn't get out soon, it would be the end. the darkness! the darkness! i shouted and waved my arms in her face. i put on some clothes and strolled out the door spy-style. cause there's this dog. this dog across the street. it used to be chained up but now it's loose. it taunts me. it's big and hairy and drool hangs off of it's mouth in a menacing way. i swear it's menacing. drool can be menacing. jesus. my back against the wall of the house, i inch forward to see the whereabouts of the dog. i click 'unlock' and inch forward a little more. then i dive toward the car door, and open it with my mind all while tucked into a neat little ball, rolling into the car. yes. well. i'm lying. and this is getting old.

i met daniel and his friend eric at applebee's and i don't know if i even said hi before i ordered a daquiri. i guess i did. who knows. alcohol before social interaction, i say. actually i've never said that before, but i'll say it now.

ALCOHOL BEFORE SOCIAL INTERACTION. and then another guy showed up. bigun i believe is his name. yes well. okay.

daniel has to go home and do laundry so i'm forced to follow along. not because he told me i had to, but because i'd probably follow daniel anywhere. he smothered me in clothes from the dryer and i had to help hang his shirts up. that's love.

park. then blockbuster and then the park again.

[you owe me a cigarette, poopface]

and and and. well. that's it.


the end.

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