you came along and cut me loose
2003-10-01 - 10:26 p.m.

something's not right here
something snuck in with the chill in the air
something is creeping around my spinal column, running up into my brain and i




if i'm sane.

i thought it was gone
i thought it was gone

but it's in the headlights
it's in the heater
it's in the cold that hits my body when i open the door in the morning
it's in the laughter that echoes in the dark under the stars
and it's in the tears that find their way out onto the pillow
it's in the seconds between songs, the pauses before the notes when it's quiet.

i'm okay
i'm okay

i'm okay when you kiss me
i'm okay when you're beside me
i forget when you smile at me
i forget when you touch me
i'm healed when you say you love me.

i'm fine.

[i didn't think it possible]

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