friday night.
2003-10-03 - 10:36 p.m.

all i need to do is get my priorities straight. and i can do that easily whenever you are in my line of vision. remember when your glasses broke tonight and everything you saw was a blur? that happens to me from time to time. i'm not making excuses, but it gets hard sometimes. i wasn't made to be pulled in two different directions.

end paragraph one. begin paragraph two. new subject.

tonight we went out with the intent to get drunk. daniel won. or maybe he tied with eric. next was me. not drunk, but really very happy. maybe my new favorite thing is drinking in a loud, crowded bar. filled with smoke. being easily entertained by the fish in the tank beside of me. eating good food and then not having to pay for any of it. also, if it were possible to marry a beverage, i'd pick peach daquiri. mrs. peach daquiri. mmm.

we went to the park and while daniel was peeing in the bushes i wandered over to that joe volpe kid, intending to kick him right in the head, but alas, i was not stealthy enough. so i went over and climbed onto the wall of the school and sat on the top of it and then pondered how in the hell i was going to get down. i always seem to get stuck on top of things. oh hey, there's something for me to climb on. i climb to the top easily and then shit my pants trying to get down. after this, i peed behind the bushes, my ass against the brick of the school building. last time i did this, a spider bit me right beside my junk. but you can rest assured that my genitalia is still in proper working order.

i was properly clothed for the cold this time. the only thing really cold was my nose. and i'm always afraid i'll have a snotcicle and nobody will tell me. cause sometimes your nose is so cold you can't really tell it's running and you reach up and you're wondering where all this snot came from. but you didn't feel it because your nose is frozen. and sometimes you don't even find out there's snot until it's too late and DAMN THERE'S A SNOTCICLE HANGING OFF YOUR NOSE FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE.

also today i practiced falling down so that i can be walking and just drop and it not look like i did it on purpose. i was covered in woodchips for hours today because of it. hmmn.

i'll leave you now, hoping that you will all melt and die.

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