october 9th, 2002 as opposed to october 9th, 2003.
2003-10-09 - 10:11 p.m.

to start off, you should all know that i am wearing my stripey socks of doom. moving on,

this same day last year, october the ninth, is the day that adam kicked my sorry ass to the curb. and october the ninth of last year, i was sure that no one else would come along to win my heart. that i would be doomed to live a live of solitude. i grew bitter. i grew detached. i grew angry at the world. and rightfully so. but that day started the process of my growing up. that day started the process of getting one day after another out of the way until eventually daniel came along. so in hindsight, adam did me a really great favor. i'm glad he dumped me. otherwise i wouldn't be as happy as i am now. and i'll just leave it at that. my heart is full of weird wonderful love for daniel with a capital d and that stands for doom.

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