i was going to write "thursday" in spanish, but i forgot what it is.
2003-10-23 - 6:29 p.m.

oh gawd. i can't think of anything to write in this horrid blank box. it's so white. so clean.

i got a parking ticket today from the parking nazi of my former school. it's pink. i try to do something with my life, i try to get off my ass and do something for once and this is what i receive in return. a parking ticket sitting on my windshield because i, a non-student with no parking permit parked in a non-student zone. oh the horror.

i was counseled today. career counseling, they called it. it went like this.

her: your grades are bad. you have the potential because i can see that from your act scores, but your grades are bad. blink blink blink.

me: yes, well. i know. i hate school. i would have more motivation to try harder if i had direction. but after three years of school and a semester off i still don't know what to do.

her: blink blink blink.

eh. the test showed that i could have a career as a journalist, paralegal or technical writer.

i'm tired of writing. or rather, writing in between staring off into space and sighing.

in summary, you just wasted your time.

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