a broken branch i'd be, if you weren't grown to me.
2003-10-26 - 1:44 p.m.

i decided, while sitting in between my parents this morning, that the scariest thing is seeing tears in their eyes. knowing that they're both very stressed out about upcoming events. about things that my sister and i don't even have a clue about. and i realize that i could've been a better daughter. that i still should be a better daughter. that i don't do things for my parents that i should. to make life easier for them. that i argue and pout and complain when i should just tell them that i love them.

and i thought while sitting in between them, that i was going to explode from sadness. explode. a puddle of salt water being soaked up by the carpet.

and as much as i say i hate living here. as much as i say i hate their rules. as much as i complain about everything, i would be lost without them.

and it's a shame i don't understand these things until reality sets in.

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