when i make this face and burp i sound like a dinosaur.
2003-10-27 - 6:30 p.m.

this time change still has me messed up. not all of the clocks in the house are changed yet. and i keep thinking it's much later than it really is. and i keep thinking that if we hadn't fallen back, it would be an hour later.

this day has seen to it that i am crossing the line from boredom to comatose. this day is trying to make me insane. grasping at the sides of my head, grabbing my hair and screaming inside my mind, i wish to be anywhere but inside this house. i become ill from the nothingness. i step outside and become instantly better. proof that isolating yourself can kill you.

i have a parking ticket that needs to be paid, a phone bill that i owe money on and insurance for my car. i've had a dull headache behind my eyes all day. i've been here all day. but i'm in a really nice mood. and that all comes from knowing that there's a boy several miles away with a fucked up lip that loves me. that's all i need.

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