2003-11-06 - 9:59 p.m.

today was good.

work went by fast because i had stuff to do. and when i didn't, i wandered around the building.

after work, i went to eat with my d6, ashley and jason. then we went to the mall where we roamed around and i peed 3545 times before leaving.

following this we went to the grocery store and daniel and i were yelling at each other in the cake mix aisle. we were arguing about cake. yes. we don't have normal arguments about money and whatever you normal people talk about. we have to scream about cake mix. we were so cute walking around the grocery store pushing a cart. i type this and laugh, but i mean it. i enjoyed it.

then we went to try on clothes together. never have i found a person to shop with besides my mother. we had fun, too. it wasn't painful at all except for the horrible muzac music. smooooth sounds from the eighties. michael bolton and kenny g. oh gawd.

next was jersey mike's because matt was working. while daniel and matt were outside talking, i was inside talking to steve. steve said something daniel didn't approve of and went in to set him straight. poor steve. he got the wrath of d6.

now i'm home and i think i want the CHICKEN AND STARS SOUP IN A CUP THAT I BOUGHT! huzzah for soup in a cup. oh yes.

the end is really fucking nigh. is that how you spell nigh? NIIII? N+EYE. hmph.

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