2003-12-19 - 10:22 p.m.

i burned things tonight at work. this includes myself. i set my pants aflame and after a minute of stating that 'yes i am on fire; someone put me out' and no one coming, i became mesmerized by the flame. then i burned my nametag.

we started a rousing game of "THAT'S MY HORSE!" i was so into the game that i, after coming into contact with a customer said "that's my horse" and he just looked at me. soon "horse" turned into "whore" until we were stopped by erica because she didn't think that was proper for blockbuster employees to shout.


also, i smoked and watched people almost fall on the ice patches in the parking lot. i laughed a lot during this time. people almost falling is funny to me. i fall a lot. i think that's why my ass hurts most days.

also, i got a crock pot today.

and well. that's all. oh. i ate more chicken nuggets - 62 i think it is now.

oh also [for brett] FEET. and um..jinble.

that is all.

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