survey of dooooom.
2003-12-22 - 9:59 p.m.

this is a survey. read it. watch as i slip into the trend of putting surveys in my die-ary like 98% of the die-ary population. JUST YOU WATCH.

series one - as usual

-- Name: erin elizabeth blevins the first. of doom.

-- Birthdate: the choice of professionals since 8.24.82

-- Birthplace: a hospital.

-- Current Location: a chair.

-- Eye Color: blue i think.

-- Hair Color: brown.

-- Righty or Lefty: left. y. lefty. left.

-- Zodiac Sign: fuck if i care.

-- Innie or Outtie: my bellybutton points inward.

series two - describe

-- The shoes you wore today: black. falling apart. skull shoelaces.

-- Your hair: probably messylike as usual.

-- Your eyes: they're open.

-- Your weakness?: cardboard malevolence. and killbots.

-- Your fears: myself, clowns, MAYONNAISE.

-- Your perfect pizza: pepperoni, light tomato sauce. and flesh.

-- One thing you'd like to achieve: anything would be nice. just one thing. really.

series three - what is

-- Your most overused phrase on aim: mmm...tastes like christians..mmm..

-- Your thoughts first waking up: no.

-- The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: i don't take notice unless something stands out

-- Your best physical feature: i have a sexy left elbow. hawt.

-- Your bedtime: 1 am sometimes later sometimes earlier.

-- Your greatest fear: me.myself. i answered that already.

-- Your greatest accomplishment: i'm still alive. that's not all that great.

-- Your most missed memory: having a memory.

series four - you prefer

-- Pepsi or coke: dr. pepper red fusion.

-- McDonald's or Burger King: my zest for life is trancended only by my lust for lots of mcdonalds chicken nuggets.

-- Single or group dates: single or group dates. single or group dates. don't ask me things like that.

-- Adidas or nike: i refuse to answer such a question. clothes are clothes shoes are shoes.

-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: alcohol.

-- Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate

-- Cappuccino or coffee: alcohol.

-- Boxers or briefs: i wear panties.

series five - do you

-- Smoke: sure do.

-- Cuss: me? never.

-- Sing well: i've been told so. but now nobody knows because i only sing when i'm by myself. only i know the truth.

-- Take a shower everyday: unless i'm sick.

-- Have a crush(es): i'd like to crush something.

-- who are they: your mom.

-- Do you think you've been in love: i am now.

-- Want to go to college: i did. it did nothing for me except make me hate education even harder than i did before.

-- Like high school: parts of it. like spinning on the pottery wheel during art class, creative writing and roaming the halls during classtime.

-- Want to get married: soon enough.

-- Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: yeah. unless i'm using my head.

-- Think you're attractive: eh.

-- Think you're a health freak: i smoke; what do you think?

-- Get along with your parents: sometimes

-- Play an instrument: piano

series six - in the past month, did/have you

-- Drank alcohol: yes.

-- Smoke(d): oh yes.

-- Done a drug: a drug or two.

-- Made Out: yes

-- Go on a date: no not really

-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: nah

-- Eaten sushi: noo

-- Been on stage: nupe.

-- Been dumped: dumped on the floor, maybe.

-- Gone skating: in my socks on the kitchen floor

-- Made homemade cookies: i.dont.cook.

-- Been in love: yeah

-- Gone skinny dipping: if you mean in bed.

-- Dyed your hair: no

-- Stolen anything: no. well. not really. stealing from work doesn't count. if they didn't want you to take things they wouldn't just leave them out like that.

series seven - have you ever

-- Played a game that required removal of clothing?: not that i recall.

-- If so, was it mixed company: mixed. company. mixed drinks. hmmn.

-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: yais.

-- Been caught "doing something": perhaps

-- Been called a tease: haha.

-- Gotten beaten up: nope.

-- Shoplifted: nope

-- If so, did you get caught: NOPE

series eight - the future

-- Age you hope to be married: 20-something

-- Numbers and Names of Children: he says voltron and i say jimmy jamal.

-- Descibe your Dream Wedding: i don't really know. it involves marriage. and stuff..

-- How do you want to die: something ridiculous. like a vending machine falling on me.

-- Where you want to go to college: NO.

-- What do you want to be when you grow up: what i am now; only getting paid for it.

-- What country would you most like to visit: your mom. no. really.

series nine - opposite sex

-- Best eye color? i dunno.

-- Best hair color? i dunno that either.

-- Short or long hair?: i have short hair, but i am not the opposite of my sex.

-- Best height: taller than me

-- Best weight: who cares

-- Best articles of clothing: clothes are good. any clothes. naked people have little or no influence over me.

-- Best first date location: dates are for people with weak immune systems. and kittens.

-- Best first kiss location: you know. the normal kissing place.

series ten - number of

(also, the "vague answer" series)

-- Number of girls I have kissed in my life: none

-- Number of girls you have made out with: none

-- Number of girlfriends you've had: girls as friends? i have no friends.

-- Number of boys I have kissed: 5

-- Number of boys you have made out with: 4

-- Number of boyfriends you've had: two that i'll admit to

-- Number of drugs taken illegally: one definately. two maybe.

-- Number of people I could trust with my life: one. aside from me.

-- Number of CDs that I own: more than you.

-- Number of piercings: one absent piercing. sad. sad.

-- Number of tattoos: zero

-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: a lot if you rearrange the letters to spell my name

-- Number of scars on my body: many but i need more, particularly one from a sword. on my face.

-- Number of things in my past that I regret: almost everything.

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