i love.
2004-01-09 - 9:46 p.m.

tonight i finally understood the thing i think he's been trying to get me to realize for a long time.

everything is going to be okay.
everything is going to be fine.
everything is going to be perfect.

we are it. we are the unattainable. we are the unimaginable, the unfathomable. we are what you envy. we are the happiness that happens only in movies. the perfect ending. what you thought could never ever be.

we have achieved what takes a lifetime to find. what we know, what we feel, what we understand in our hearts weakens the doubts until there is nothing left but certainty. yes, definately, positively.

it's the ones who've cracked that the light shines through.

close the door

leave your fears behind

let me give you what you're giving me

you are the only thing

that makes me want to love at all

just put me inside you

i would never ever leave

just put me inside you

i would never ever leave


and outside, the snow is barely falling. the sky is pinkish gray and it smells like winter. and me? i am sitting here in my warm house. i feel perfectly content because finally i get it.

a peace that passes all understanding.

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