2004-01-30 - 10:35 p.m.

i am with sore throat.
i am with a dry cough that does nothing to stop the persistant tickle in my red blistered throat.
i am with the sort of cold that freezes from the inside out that no blanket has mercy over.

however, i still smoke. the smoke enters my mouth and infiltrates each crevice that i imagine is in my throat due to the ache that is everpresent. the smoke then moves to my lungs where i feel the slightest pressure before i blow it out of my mouth again.

tonight daniel and i cooked together in his new house. preperation went well. we were all sitting down, ashley, daniel and myself. we were eating and i said "do you think this looks done?" and we all started staring at our chicken and questioning whether we should eat it or not. so we put it back in the oven for a few more minutes and get it back out. daniel's has a blood clot inside and so he puts his into the microwave. by this time i'd stopped even thinking about eating mine. but when he pulls his out of the microwave, he pulls apart some of it and the blood clot explodes and blood shoots out onto the chicken. the chicken goes into the garbage disposal. we eat chicken flavored rice and watch mst3k. it's comfortable being alone in a house with nice people, smoke filled rooms and bad tv reception.

now watch as i slide across the kitchen tile on my socks and glide into the living room to sit on the couch and read my NEW CHUCK PALAHNIUK BOOK oh yes.

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