another one.
2004-02-16 - 10:19 p.m.

what's this? yet another lame survey entry? could we be so lucky?

Sleep with or without clothes on?

with. what if there's a fire and i had to jump out the window? if i was naked i would jump out of the window and get cut with glass and be standing outside in the dark for all the world to see, bleeding everywhere. and naked. if i had clothes on, i would be standing there for all the world to see, bleeding everywhere, but NOT naked.

Prefer black or blue pens?

black. blue is for old people.

Dress up on Halloween?

like a civilian.

Like to travel?

depends on the company.

Sleep on your side?

i go to sleep on my stomach, but then i turn to my left side and then move to my right side and alternate thoughout the night, ending up on my back right before i wake up. you know, if i'm asleep i shouldn't know all of that.

Think your attractive?

i attract mosquitos.

Want to marry?

i am going to marry.


d6. we discussed it this evening.

Alaska or Hawaii?


Are you a good student?

let's see..i'm not in school, i haven't been for a year. when i am in school, i tend to lay out of class most of the time. i don't study. but john said 'c's make degrees. so i am not all that concerned. i probably should be, though.

Are you involved in sports?

if by sports you mean aggressive leap frog. or violent air hockey. OR KILLING THE INNOCENT.


kangsport, tennersee.

Christmas or Halloween?

hmmn. i don't enjoy christmas like i used to..except for one thing. not the presents, though. halloween is fun. but i'm going with martin luther king day.

Color or black-and-white photo?

i like black and white a lot.

Do long distance relationships work?

i don't know, i've never been in one.

Do you believe in astrology?

hahaha. no.

Do you believe in God?


Do you believe in love at first sight?

love at semi-first sight. the first time i saw the back of daniel's head i fell in love..i just didn't know it right then.

Do you consider yourself the life of the party?

not really. maybe sometimes the trouble of the party. like when i wander off outside and moon the passing traffic.

Do you drink?

drinking is how you stay alive. stupid.

Do you have a car?

yes. a stupid car. a stupid stupid car. but it goes. i should consider this a good thing instead of saying stupid three times.

Do you have a job?

i work at the newspaper.

Do you make fun of people?

making fun of people - energy efficient and exciting.

Do you think dreams eventually come true?

dreams do come true, pinnochio. and unicorns romp around in my backyard amongst the butterflies and the lawn gnomes. fairies frolick and the dolphins sing love songs while the sun shines in your eyes. i have to go vomit.

Fave thing to do?

fave? FAVE? haha. play gameboy. and erm..smoke. OH AND YES..YOUR MOM!

Fave breakfast food?

i don't wake up early enough to eat breakfast in the morning, but i really like eating it at night. i like hashbrowns and scrambled eggs. from ihop. or perkins.

Fave Candy?

hmmn. i don't know. i like lots of candy. my teeth are rotted out. i just gum things now.

Fave Vacation spot?

poor people don't go on vacation.

Favorite body part of the opposite/same sex:


Favorite cartoon?

courage the cowardly dog, samurai jack or aqua teen hungerforce

Go to the movies or rent?

i liked renting when i got 5 free rentals a week. and i like going to the movies when it's not so crowded i have to sit ALL BY MYSELF IN THE HANDICAP CHAIR.

Have you ever moved?

i move around all the time. i find it hard to get around without moving at least a little bit.

How's the weather right now?

i don't know, i'm not outside. i'm guessing it's cold though. with widely scattered darkness.

Hug or kiss?


Last person you talked to on the phone?


Last person you text messaged?

i sent a text message to daniel with my computer, i don't know if that counts.

Last time you showered?

this morning.

Loud or soft music?


McDonalds or Burger King?

mcdonalds chicken nuggets. they make me swoon.

More romantic; baths or showers?

hurf. romantic, eh? baths, i suppose would be romantic. showers equal sex. unless you're alone. shut upshutup shutup.

Night or day?

dusk. or early early morning right when the sun is about to come up. when i'm usually asleep but sometimes have to get up. it's always worth it.

Number of Pillows?


Piano or guitar?

i like playing the piano.

Read or write?


Snow or water?

i hate snow. it keeps me trapped in my house and that leads to me walking around alternating between muttering and yelling.

What are you doing tomorrow?

waking up early to go to daniel's to sleep for a little while then wake up and clean up dogmess and then working and then i'm not sure.

What clothes are you wearing?

pajamas. of doom. sigh.

What do you drink?

water. gatorade. vomit.

What makes you vomit?

dog poop. certain people. [okay, most people] um..yes.

What's on your computer screen?

on my desktop? starflyer 59.

What's right next to you?

nothing at all. the void.

What's your bedtime?

well, mommy reads me a story at 8:00 and after i say my prayers, i go to sleep at 8:30. fuckers. i don't sleep, i plug myself into a charger and re-engergize. this is where i throw back my head and laugh creepily.

What's your best physical feature?

my fist. ooohhh.

What's your name backwards?

fuck you, littleman.

Who do you talk to the most online?


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