2004-02-20 - 9:51 p.m.

i will break down the past few days into positives and negatives:

+ spent time with daniel. this is not so much something fun to do as it is a necessity. like breathing.

- the dog put me in debt. well okay, the dog and the long trip to daniel's work. and by debt i don't mean oh poo i can't buy that extra cd i wanted, i mean i'm sitting on the floor counting change and thinking of what i can sell.

+ robot is learning to behave quickly and we've been taking him on walks through downtown. we found a park behind daniel's house.

- my car is broken, but + it's going to be fixed for free under warranty. $400 that i don't have to worry about.

+ sugar cookies with pink sprinkles make me happy, but - i can't afford them now. i am poverty stricken.

+ i beat the evil plant monster boss on mario and luigi superstar saga.

+ it's friday. it's the weekend, but - it will go by too fast. and - i will wake up on monday and want to shoot myself in the face as usual.

more positives than negatives. so explain why i feel like shit.

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