2004-02-23 - 10:03 p.m.

tonight i peed into a wendy's cup while sitting in the passenger seat of my car. i only missed a little, not enough to even bother with. daniel was sitting in his car, diagonally parked from mine and he was laughing. i thought it was at what i was doing, but i caught a glimpse of something in my eye and noticed that a man was standing beside my driver side getting out of his car. my bare ass hovering above the seat in all of it's crackerassed glory.

in addition to all of this, the reason i get up in the morning is to go to daniel's and go to sleep and wake up with him and pretend i'm not just visiting. plus, to be half asleep beside him and then feel little paws walking up my back and onto my head, well that makes me happy. and for me, it's important to remember what does make me happy since it's so little these days.

i'm okay.

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