5 to go.
2004-02-29 - 10:39 p.m.

ah how these three days have flown by. the weekdays creeping. the tunnel getting longer and longer as i trudge through.

throwing grated cheese on heads and getting beaten about the face with a spatula covered in taco meat and rice.

dragging a body down the stairs head-first. claiming all the money that falls out of pockets.

waking up early to drive far away for nothing. wasting gas.

boondock saints 17 times. certain scenes even more times.

out to eat with friends. lazer tag with friends. walking the dog with friends. it's good to be in a group. i'm not as against it as i used to be.

hours spent laughing.

seconds of losing control of my body. handing over those seconds to the only person i trust in the world.

almost losing one of the things that make me happy [robot]. walking to the park alone. swinging. crying into the phone. talking. then crying a happy sort of tear.

this weekend, daniel has shown me more love than i deserve. he has amazed me in so many ways that i can't easily express how thankful i am. i hope he understands.

and so begins another work week and another week of lonliness. five days to go..

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