76 was a good year for me, its been uphill since then
2003-03-29 - 6:30 p.m.

Good evening. I'm Bobby alkalinetrio Evers, reporting from unamerican, Erin is off tonight.

Our overseas correspondents tell us she is doing well, her captors are treating her well, providing three square meals a day.

She gave me a special message letting you all know she loves each and every one of you and is sorry about her absense. Her computer is undergoing emergency repairs and she cannot get to her diary but that it all should be underway on Monday. her daily activities include watching Igby Goes Down, eating snacky cakes and secretly desiring sweet love from Edward Norton.

The rest of the message, i cannot reveal because its so littered with dirty limericks and dead baby jokes, i thought they'd be inappropriate for unamerican.

In other news, I did recieve a mixtape from Erin today, it had a lot of good music on it including the white stripes and pearl jam, as well as many other delicious sounding rock bands from after the death of grunge.

That is our report tonight, i am bobby evers, signing off.

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