sniff sniff
2001-09-08 - 10:05 p.m.

we sounded like a couple of little kids, sniffing constantly. that's what happens when you have the plague.

in between sniffing, we recounted all of our firsts together. i reminded you it had been six months since our first date. that's how it started, the thinking back of our time together. we went through the time you asked me out. the first time we actually went out. the first time you kissed me. [it was in a bed of plastic flowers on the side of the road on a saturday night]. the first time you told me you loved me. i said it didn't seem like six months had passed. you agreed. a few minutes pass before you ask me...

"how would you feel about spending another six months with me?"

i don't even hesitate.

"i'd love to."


i'm smitten. :)

|||i'm shaking at your touch. i like you way too much. | ||

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