skeeeeee-ball mastah
2001-11-08 - 3:18 p.m.

i am the MASTER!

today, i met serina again cause she didn't go back to school after all. and so we went to the arcade again. just a dollar was all we were going to spend...but it ended up $2. we played skeeeeeee-ball and then the crazy spinning rainbow game of doom. and so on my last last quarter i told the greasy-haired redneckin man that i could feeeeeel it. that i was gonna hit the jackpot and win all of the tickets. i asked him if he could feel it too. he just went back to playing his game. so i put in my quarter and i let the spinner spin for a while and then i slammed down the button. BAM! right on the friggen jackpot. and right then life was good. 462 tickets came out of that stupid machine. 462 tickets were MINE. i pointed this out to the employee at the arcade. he snarled at me. i think he was jealous.

erin: so can i use these tickets to buy the skeeeee-ball machine?

guy: no.

erin: but i really want the skeeeee-ball machine. how about we use the tickets as a sort of down payment? pretend they're money or something.

guy: i dun think so.

erin: ok well i have a question. what so amazing about this orb down here?

guy: it's like the magic 8 ball. it's really not amazing at all.

erin: well we'll see. gimme 2 orbs. give me a couple of paratroopies and i'd kinda like to have around 27 of these sour smarties.

guy: you can't have 27 smarties.

erin: ok 9. but i really wanted the skeeeee-ball machine because you realize i am the master.

guy: snarl.

||we are the champions my friiiiends| ||

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