just wasting[wastingtime]
2002-02-21 - 12:18 p.m.

there's really not much to be said except that i'm sitting in the library at school trying to be quiet but failing miserably.

i went to algebra and talked about parking nazis.

i went to adam's and watched something like er or nypd blue - i don't know.

i read a book about how to make money easily. i put it down when i read "take off your clothes." i swear to you it said that.

i don't eat solid foods much anymore. i can't get hungry. i want to eat it just doesn't happen. so i drink like crazy and eat a lot of popsicles. i do mean a lot. boxes. one cannot exist on popsicles alone.

i say things and i think things and i can't remember which i said and which i thought so i repeat a lot and i don't say what i mean to. my brain has taken a leave of absence, but it didn't tell me about it ahead of time. so i wasn't ready for it, sitting in front of a video game or the tv. no, instead it happens when i'm talking or at school.

i hope this makes sense.

when i walk, my messenger bag makes a noise. i can't get it to stop no matter what i do. i've just accepted the fact that when i walk through the hall that i'm going to sound like a pirate with a wooden leg and no sense of the appropriate.

i don't know what day it is anymore.

and everytime i see someone and say "hi how are you?" they say it at the same time. i hate that.

i stare off into space too much.

i'm just killing time right now. i better stop before i say something i'll regret.

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