2002-03-30 - 5:33 p.m.

i remember dancing with you. slow, barely moving. to something on the radio, i think. valentine's night. the food we made cooking in the oven in the next room. the rolls burned because we were preoccupied.

i remember one friday night. summer, but chilly from the rain. it had cleared up, so we went to an old, wonderful downtown. jonesborough. for music on the square. we sat on the curb of main street. gravels embedded in our hands from leaning back on the asphalt. and all of a sudden, it was pouring rain. everyone ran to their cars, but me and you, we just sat there. i looked up into the rain and then you kissed me.

i remember when we had first started dating. it was a bit before now - but last year. we layed out of class and went driving around. the weather was so nice. we found a "no trespassing" sign and we trespassed. we spend hours walking through the woods and the creeks and over the bridges. there was a chimney standing from a burned down house. we left with wet pantlegs. at my house, we put our pants in the dryer and layed together on the floor, wrapped in a bunny blanket.

i remember the night i spent with you. when we layed on your bed and watched cartoons. we got this bright idea to stay up all night. i got so sleepy that i thought your fish were the most fascinating things i'd ever seen and i sat in front of your aquarium for the longest time. and when we finally dozed off, i woke up not long after, but you slept for the rest of the morning. i watched the 3stooges and i watched your eyes move behind your eyelids and your chest rise and fall as you slept.

i remember when we went to the little chicago blues festival and it was crowded so we stood in the back. the door to the kitchen kept swinging open into my back and pitchers of beer were being passed all over. after a band or two, we moved closer, but still stood and you danced behind me with your arms around my waist. wooden tables+chairs. smoke+alcohol. we climbed over the tables to get to the front. sat with two friendly strange[rs].

i remember the 2nd time we went out and you came over to my house and my mom was overly hostess-like. we watched 'the patriot' while sitting on the couch. the movie was excruciatingly long and i couldn't pay attention to it for thinking about how close you were beside of me. i wanted to hold your hand, but i couldn't because my own hands were nervous, cold and sweaty. the movie ended and we went for a walk around my block. you held my cold hand and you put your arm around my shoulder. we stopped for a car to pass and after it passed and i stepped into the road, you pulled me back and you kissed me. our first kiss. and i'd never had a kiss that felt like that one.

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