i buy my crack i smack my bitch right here in hollywood
2002-10-05 - 10:17 p.m.

it turns out i have a person who finds me drugs. i have a person who buys me alcohol [one yr left]. what do the kids call them these days? connections? oh yes. my phone volume is turned to HIGH/VIBRATE so that my calls will be heard over the music in the car. system of a down is currently being played and singing along makes my throat hurt. my left hand's pointer and middle fingers smell of smoke and sometimes i put them to my nose to remind me of the cigarette that was between them earlier.

my baby is on the back burner, but just for a few because we don't have much time to talk as of late. this is fine because we needed a few days break. it's okay to come up for air now and then.

nov2 it is. nov2 is the night. the night that will rock the fucking world. but that's all for now.

it's time for fall, i get to smoke s[o[m[e[e[n[d[o tomorrow on my break and i want some cheese wedges.

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