submariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. asshole.
2003-07-08 - 7:02 p.m.

my back is sore because i've been hunched over painting. my hands are covered in pencil and paint and ink. ben folds live is in the stereo and i think that, maybe, zak and sara is my favorite song they have.

i don't have much to say anymore. it all flies around my head, bits and pieces, but nothing in complete phrases that i can get out. i have that problem a lot. in fact, most days i can't even speak properly. my words come out all mixed up. i think my brain is slowly shutting down. nothing too fast. it's frustrating.

last night i went down into the very bottom very middle of a rock quarry. my pants started out green in color but ended up white and brown halfway down. we played in some mud. we threw rocks around. it was a good time. when i got home and took my clothes off, a big cloud of dust filled the room.

i'm sleepy.



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