cripple carts and oxygen tanks.
2003-10-30 - 9:37 p.m.

a lady rides into blockbuster on her motorized cripple cart. a rascal, i guess. she has an oxygen tank. she finds a movie and she puts it in her basket and she scoots out the door. the manager stops her and says "hey that's our movie you're taking." and she asks to pay for it. they say "no, no we have to call the police." so they're waiting for the police and the "crippled" woman with the oxygen tank declares that she's going to go outside and smoke a cigarette while they wait. hmmn. so she scoots outside and she lights up a cigarette. the police pull up and by this time the woman's oxygen tank has exploded and her hair is on fire. brilliant. and they have to take her to the hospital before they take her to jail.

the end.

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