this is your happy halloween. right here, bee-otches.
2003-11-01 - 1:02 p.m.

my stomach hurts. it's all my fault, though. because a peach daquiri followed by jack daniel's whiskey and a teeny bit of everclear finds me standing on the chair in the living room at brent and laura's house, shooting m&ms out of my mouth at people's mouths. daniel was our designated driver of doom and so i think he got a little irritated at my drunkenness at times. especially when he found out i had been mooning cars from the side of the road. i wasn't too off though. i just laughed at stupid things. i thought it was funny the noise my straw made when i breathed through it. i smoked two cigarettes at once..after i'd stuck them up my nose. but after a few hours there, we went back to daniel's house. we watched tv and um. did various and sundry other things. whatever various and sundry means. late late late we went to sleep. he kissed me, said i love you and goodnight baby. and i don't have to tell you that when he did all that, my heart melted. he says i steal all the covers at night. that i am the champion cover thief. but he pushed me over against the wall and several times i had to pull myself out from behind the bed. i just like how it seems to be understood when we both need our space to sleep and when we both need to be smushed into each other. i didn't have to tell him that i wanted his arms around me, they just ended up there. i didn't have to tell him when i needed to be sprawled out in order to sleep, he was just on the other side of the bed then. and do you know how perfect it felt to open my bleary eyes and see his face right beside mine? to have him kiss me all over my face? love isn't always sex and making out and physical things. love is being content with simply sharing the space of the boy who shoves you into the corner of the bed so that the right side of your body falls between the bed and the wall.

in other news, i may vomit.

in even more other news, well. i don't want to talk about it.

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