tales from a blockbuster.
2001-10-28 - 9:19 p.m.

fun times at blockbuster video

shrink wrap. i shrink wrapped ALL DAY! yesssss. i even shrink wrapped my keys. i was going to shrink wrap myself, and i had my leg in the wrap ready to go, but the manager came back inside. ha. i kid, i kid. but i -did-shrink wrap my keys.

happy pothead man came in. he walked in the door and grinned like a mad man and i told him to leave. i didn't mean it. he's one of my favorite customers. he's happy and he's a pothead and he's a man. thus, happy pothead man.

i sold five rewards memberships. and not just to rich old ladies, either. i am a maaaachine.

i worked over eight hours and i went home with a headache.

some guy came in and asked if we had "shreeeek." he meant "shrek", the movie about that green ogre thing. i said "no, it's shrek." he said, "nah, man it's shrEEEEk." "shrek" i said. "shreeeeeEEEEEk." he said. "MUTHA FUGGIN SHREK" i said. "SHARRRREEEEEEEEEEK." he said. and then he told me the customer is always right. so i said "ok, it's shreeeeeeeeek." all of that was true except i didn't say mutha fuggin.

that's all of the happy tales from cloud fookin movie land. until next time...

|||right right, you're bloody well right| ||

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