for tha gzs...tha hustlas too
2001-11-03 - 11:20 p.m.

fo shizzle

fun wit' aim, yo

adaftapeth: yeah, fo shizzle

QimageekQ: shizzle. do you know what that means?

adaftapeth: not a clue

QimageekQ: shizzle my nizzle.. i just found out what that means and its nothing nice.

adaftapeth: oh really?

adaftapeth: tell me what it is

QimageekQ: It means what my initials mean and my name's Brett Jenkins. now thats scary.

adaftapeth: ohhh

QimageekQ: yeah.. thats what I said.

adaftapeth: so shizzle my nizzle means that

adaftapeth: i thought fo shizzle meant for real or for sure or something

adaftapeth: see this is what happens when you're not a gangsta

QimageekQ: Yeah, I try to be hood-like but I'm way too geeky to be hoody.

adaftapeth: heh heh

adaftapeth: they just have funny words

adaftapeth: or phrases

adaftapeth: like h to the izzo

QimageekQ: yeah

QimageekQ: that means Ho

adaftapeth: yeah

adaftapeth: but it's a very creative way of putting it, i'll give them that

QimageekQ: like how they put all the izza in between everything.. thats hilarious.

adaftapeth: yeah

QimageekQ: like my name is brizza-ett

adaftapeth: haha

adaftapeth: well what about vowels?

adaftapeth: what would i be?

QimageekQ: er-izza-in

adaftapeth: alright

QimageekQ: heh

adaftapeth: i'll make everybody call me that from now on. fo shizzle.

QimageekQ: yeah fo sho

adaftapeth: on the reals tho

QimageekQ: mos def

adaftapeth: cause ain't nobody gonna

flow a better liture din me

QimageekQ: you down wit OPP?

adaftapeth: yeh you know me

QimageekQ: evey last homie!

adaftapeth: jump around!

QimageekQ: git up git up an git down

adaftapeth: i'll be rolling down the street smokin endo sippin on gin and juice

QimageekQ: one too free fo, gitchow woman on da flo

adaftapeth: cuz i'm high till i dizzie rizzie

QimageekQ: cuz i'm freak yea, cuz nobodi knows whut I do

adaftapeth: put ya hands where my eyes can see

QimageekQ: wave ya hands in da air like ya juss don caire

adaftapeth: lah dee dah dee we likes ta pahtee

QimageekQ: iff you don wanna pahtee den you shud go home

adaftapeth: one, two meet me outside meet me outside

QimageekQ: designatid driva take da keys to mah truck

adaftapeth: ya motha fuggahs act like you forgot about dre

QimageekQ: NYC, take it to da howse

adaftapeth: ya'll gonna make me lose my mind up in here up in here

QimageekQ: honies in da street sayin money only made it

adaftapeth: this is for the gz and this is for the hustlas this is for the hustlas now back to tha gzs

QimageekQ: evey one, from the front to the back now throw ya hands up

adaftapeth: ain't nobody dope as me i'm just so fresh, so fresh and so clean clean

QimageekQ: all da women, who independent, frow ya hands up at maaahh

adaftapeth: shake it fast but watch yoself shake it fast, show me whatcha workin with

QimageekQ: bow chicka wow-wow... ??? *you win*

adaftapeth: yesss! i'm a gangsta fo' life!!

QimageekQ: dranit!

adaftapeth: to hcek


||i love who ya is i love who ya ain't| ||

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