hold you in
2002-01-24 - 6:40 p.m.

skipping class has never proved more productive than today. i know you don't like me laying out of classes, but i wouldn't take this morning back for anything. i wouldn't take back sleeping wrapped up in your arms while the rain pours down outside. i wouldn't take back waking up to you beside of me. i wouldn't take back how it felt to be so close to your face that i would breathe in the very air that you just breathed out. i wouldn't take back opening my eyes to find you staring at me with the most loving look in your eyes. nor the feeling i had when you pushed the hair out of my face and told me that you loved me. wouldn't take back the feeling of having all day to lay in bed for once. and to lay in bed with you. wouldn't take back the meaningful conversation or the silly joking. being under the warm blankets.

besides, who needs school when you have love?

||breathe out so i can breathe you in| ||

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