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2002-03-25 - 1:49 p.m.

when the light is turned off
and eyes have adjusted
i'm there on my pillow

it could be so easy
to drift into a pill-induced sleep
to not have thoughts firing off like tiny rockets
but there must be
at the very least
an hour of torment
what i would give
for a switch to turn it off
just once it would be nice to have a deep sleep
&forget the number of ceiling tiles
&how it felt to be held by you
and not have a dumb song in my head




nothing is that simple though.
i am wrapped in complications+vivid understandings
i am wrapped in my own awakenings
it all drives deep into my skull
like a finely tuned arrow made so that it hurts to try and pull it out.

i swear this makes sense.

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