yeah, it's a pain to read, but fuck you.
2002-07-01 - 10:37 p.m.

John is not EMO: tell me a story

John is not EMO: something new

adaftapeth: once

John is not EMO: i just smelled my foot

John is not EMO: after a long days work

John is not EMO: and it doesnt stink

adaftapeth: there was this girl

adaftapeth: and she decided to be a nomad.

adaftapeth: never staying in one place for long

adaftapeth: because she realized that hatred for places and people always set in

John is not EMO: as nomad people tend to do

adaftapeth: so she thought that if she was a nomad

adaftapeth: she could leave once she started feeling the sadly familiar pains of the hate she feels now

adaftapeth: she would have a partner with her

adaftapeth: she isn't sure about the rules of nomads, but

adaftapeth: she feels that if she doesn't have this one certain partner, she will be worse off than before

adaftapeth: she is very tired of this place and these people

adaftapeth: the people that disappoint on a daily basis

adaftapeth: she knows, deep in her heart,

adaftapeth: that

adaftapeth: if she could just be with this one person, her partner, that she will be okay.

John is not EMO: maybe she could be like jacob in the bible and have several partners?

adaftapeth: [haha]

adaftapeth: because she's really okay when she's with him

adaftapeth: people/things don't hurt her because he has this magical ability to protect.

John is not EMO: =

John is not EMO: =)

adaftapeth: she doesn't understand this but she is very grateful

adaftapeth: she knows that she'll miss her family, but she also knows she can visit often

adaftapeth: she just needs to get away

adaftapeth: if only for a little while

adaftapeth: also

adaftapeth: well.

John is not EMO: are you really gonna run off with him>

adaftapeth: i dunno.

adaftapeth: i wish.

John is not EMO: ?

adaftapeth: i don't like here.

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