by the way i tried to say i'd be there
2002-07-10 - 5:01 p.m.

this morning started off with me cutting my ass off in the shower.

erin: this morning, i cut my ass.

adam: ...ok. how?

erin: with my razor.

adam: you shave your ass?

erin: just happened on the way up. you know. i was shaving. shaving. and then. DEAR GOD! I CUT my ASS OFF! it hurt.

then we went to walmart. i bought a polaroid camera and then i talked to an old man. he told me i should figure out what i'm going to do with my life. i told him i realized that. he told me to be a pharmicist and buy part of his farm.

then we layed on each other while watching 10 things i hate about you. we layed on each other all day and now when i move a little bit, his smell floats up and it's almost like he's still here. but he's not. he's at work. in a perfect world, we'd never be going to work. we'd just lay on each other and laugh.

we bought cheese wedges and dr. pepper.

we layed together some more and i asked if i could call him lovey like mr. howell calls mrs. howell on gilligan's island. can i call you lovey, dahling? if i can call you puddin.

puddin. ew.

we were watching the cosby show and he told me that when we were married and older, we were going to act like cliff and claire huxtable. and if you watch that show enough, you know that this is a nice way to be.

i played spider solitaire while he got dressed for work.

we listened to the new chili peppers album on the way back home. the way.

time flies. it really does. somebody's gotta fix that.

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