i think we better wait till tomorrow
2002-07-11 - 10:30 p.m.

tonight, as we were walking through the parking lot, i got angry at him for reasons i'm not sure of. so i whacked him with my bag of socks. it felt good. sometimes he needs to be whacked.

we watched amelie. how i love subtitled movies. unfortunately, i didn't get to watch most of it. so here's what i'll say when the movie comes out on tuesday:

customer: did you see amelie? was it good?

erin: i saw the first 10 minutes of it. they were good. after that i only got peeks of the movie because i wAS FUCKING A BOY.

i kid, i kid. we weren't fucking. we were only pretending.

after that, we went to the park. we ran around in the dark soccer field. we layed side by side on the picnic tables and then he carried me away from the bats. i was afraid of the bats. i told him that they eat mosquitos and girls whose names start with an 'e'. that's me, you know. so he saved my life. ha.

call me sappy if you want. but i can't help it. i'm in love.

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