jamesdwight, you tasted like mcdonalds.
2002-12-15 - 10:37 p.m.

tonight i played the piano for a real audience for the first time in 2 years at least. i remember the last time i did this, i had just come from being with you. it was the first time you'd kissed me. we had gone to that place and it was cold and muddy and we just wasted time and it was perfect. we sat in your driveway and then all of a sudden there you were and you tasted like cappuchino from mcdonalds and i tasted you as i flew to church to play the piano. i waltzed in there late and i made an entrance, you know. muddy and not at all appropriate for the house of god. but yeah, i made them take notice a 2nd time when i sat my ass down and produced something out of my fingers that they said sounded like it came straight from heaven. and when my hands were shaking, were they shaking because i was nervous from playing or because i had just kissed my musical equal?

regardless of what it is we are now, that night and several others were............................................


muy importante

in the shaping

of my soul.

and do you remember

do you remember what i am?

i am the soul kitchen, brother.

the fucking soul kitchen.

beatnik pirates forever.

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