i didn't know the person, i just wanted some wildberry skittles.
2003-02-06 - 4:22 p.m.

GirlofKalamazoo: meet me at the waterfront after the social

adaftapeth: ok. what will you be wearing? the red feather boa?

GirlofKalamazoo: no.....but beware.

adaftapeth: of?

GirlofKalamazoo: if jennifer is there.leave

GirlofKalamazoo: if you see the ambulance its alright

GirlofKalamazoo: the code is "the face in the embyo"

adaftapeth: ok i will. but what about roger? if he's standing there, sitting on the bench, is it safe to stay?

GirlofKalamazoo: i dont know of him

adaftapeth: oh business.

GirlofKalamazoo: im under a lot of pressure so dont screw up

adaftapeth: i'll try not to.

adaftapeth: are you going to give me the wildberry skittles or not??

GirlofKalamazoo: this is michael right??

GirlofKalamazoo: adaftohpeth

GirlofKalamazoo: oh god.......

GirlofKalamazoo: i didnt say this

GirlofKalamazoo: damn.....

adaftapeth: ohmy

GirlofKalamazoo: do not mention this at all to anyone

GirlofKalamazoo: bye

adaftapeth: but...

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