you make me real.
2003-06-29 - 11:13 p.m.

when i can't talk to you, i write to you instead. wondering if you'll read it, knowing that probably you will. and i guess knowing that corrupts it a little. i want perfection, so you get my thoughts through a filter. and even then it's not enough.

you should've seen when you did to me tonight.

i don't remember driving home.

i felt the wind blowing my face from the open window.

i felt the vibration of the music through the speaker on my leg.

there were so many lightning bugs, it felt like i was driving into space.

you did it again.

you make me believe in things i never believed in.

if my heart was turned to ice,
you thawed it out

if it was stone,
you chipped away until it started beating again


wanting to just sleep in your arms and your thoughts

lay me in the bloody bed of your heart & that's where i'll stay..


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