robots have taken over
2003-07-29 - 12:11 a.m.

Recollect me darling raise me to your lips

Two undernourished egos four rotating hips

Hold on to me tightly I'm a sliding scale

Can't endure then you can inhale


Out of body experience interferes

And dreams of flying I fit nearly

Surrounds me though I get lonely


erin is the peas to my peas poridge hot. and my peas poridge cold. and my peas poridge in your goddamn eye you drippy mass of flesh! oh shit. i just dropped my chocolate covered raisin in the floor! nooooooo! damnation to all...except the one that recovers my delicious treat! if she finds this entry, she will erase it. we must hide this entry.

alright. earth time. yes. not erin. nay. but another! daniel requires cheez-its brand cheese snacks. i will return. (Exactly 12:30)...

...(exactly 12:35)hot damn! five minutes on the dot! so obviously im going to mention how erin is the most beautiful thing to ever exist. and of course im going to mention how if i didnt have her, i would be a puddle of despair somewhere. probably in an alleyway. i knew it was love when i saw her smash those kittens with that mallet. ah. that look on her face, with the kitten blood on it. god. i dropped to the ground and wept. because of the beauty of it all. words cannot describe the obscenely huge amount of joy she gives me. i want to share the same phsyical space. the same molecules and the same atoms.

and i know this is a long strange entry. and for that, i apologize. realizing that i have temporary control and that, yes, i will lose it when i sign out, well. you know what im getting at.

(but just between you and me, i would rather get my eyes stabbed out by huge metal red hot dildos than be with anyone else)

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