rain water and death, trickling down a path
2003-08-26 - 9:54 p.m.

i scribble notes in the margins because i cannot depend on my memory.

what i did
why i missed your call..

i stood in the middle of my room with my headphones on and my eyes closed
standing still, straight, listened to that song all the way through before i went to take a bath.

i sat, and as the water rose, i wondered what would happen if i didn't turn it off and it eventually overcame my height.

warm warm water

and as my fingers turned wrinkly, i wondered if my entire body would turn wrinkly, too in the warm warm water. would i have a warm warm death?

my thoughts didn't turn off with the water, they just turned to a previous thought. one of what would happen when i died and was buried in the earth.

if i was buried on a hill, after time brought decomposition to my body, would the rain come and seep into the ground, seep into my casket and mix with my remains? would parts of me be carried down the hill? rain water and death, trickling down a path. down down until it dries up.

and the water in the bathtub went down the drain. down down until it dried up.

i don't know why i have the thoughts i do.

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