i type shit up.
2003-11-05 - 10:07 p.m.

i started my new job today. i am officially one step closer to moving out. if you were here you'd see that i'm knocking on my head as i say that. [knock on wood? i'm knocking on my head..get it..?] first day included getting water spilled on me by my manager and hearing a 70 year old woman talk about anal sex and enemas.

aside from the strangeness of that, however, they did have a conversation about love. they were talking about how two of them had been married followed by a divorce and now they're both married again. both happier now. they said that it took a lot of pain to get to where they are now, but that it was very much worth it. it was meant to be, they said. and that now they know who "the one" really is. that they can tell. that they know the difference. and the whole time they were talking, i kept thinking of daniel. and how different he feels to me than adam ever did. so i guess even though the people i work with talk about sex and enemas, they know what they're talking about sometimes.

so there's this bag of reese's cups and so i'm going to go eat 16 of them.

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