2003-12-20 - 10:34 p.m.

sitting on the bathroom floor. i watched his mouth as he was hunched over the sink. i listened to the ashes as they fell into the toilet and sizzled out the flame. i inhaled the smoke as it passed through my lips. i held it in and watched it finally blow out my mouth. i waited as the warmth of the smoke covered the insides of my lungs and esophogus and throat. i waited as the effects soon warmed my body. my arms tingled and i smiled. i walked into the bedroom while he smoked a cigarette and layed down on the bed.

cinnamon flavored mouth on cinnamon flavored mouth

freezer cold bottle makes freezer cold hands on hot body parts.

thirty minutes was gone and i was supposed to be at work. after getting in my car and driving i realized that i had been holding a cigarette in my mouth for a really long time and didn't even notice it. i lit it and got to work; strolled slowly inside with a smile on my face. not long after i'd been there a customer walked up and i started laughing uncontrollably. pretty soon jared started too and the customer just stared at us blankly until finally i stopped. it stopped being funny.

then a little girl came in - about 6 years old. short. extremely fat. i have never seen any small child this large and honestly i was a little afraid. it wouldn't have been that bad if she hadn't said anything. but she kept shouting "I WANT TATER GIVE ME A TATER!" over and over before she finally just started to cry.

i can't write anymore because i keep forgetting i'm actually writing.

that is all.

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