ex-blockbuster employee #2307
2004-01-19 - 10:16 p.m.

my last night at blockbuster was last night. one night that i actually had fun at work. there were sad people, genuinely sad people and so i cheered them up with free rentals. i went outside to smoke and walked into the middle of the parking lot and screamed things backward. i went back inside and sat on the membership application table which is not permitted since it is not a "sitting device." i ate chocolate that i wasn't able to finish so i divided the leftovers up and placed them strategically throughout the store. ..for the mice. i threw things. then i climbed into the drop box. i put the directv on the playboy channel and then i perused the store for things to take home with me. as a memento. i found several things, all of which i shoved inside my coat. now all that's left to do is set my shirts on fire and do a little dance.

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