2003-07-20 - 10:01 p.m.

a lot of times when i'm driving by myself, i have the music up loud. volume at 18; loud enough that i can feel the vibrations through my seat. and a lot of times, i can see myself having a horrible car wreck. car flipping. me flying through the air. in perfect time with the music. the car is torn to pieces. glass everywhere. car parts smashed. but the music never stops. it's almost beautiful, in a horribly morbid sense.

i probably shouldn't have written that. i don't want to die. it's just something that i see when i drive sometimes.

i always think a lot while driving. most times i don't even see the road. but somehow i always get to where i'm going safely. no accidents. i watch the scenery. i look at the sky - the color - the clouds - the moon - the stars. i watch the other cars.

most times i drive too fast. a lot of times i get impatient. i try to remind myself that there's no real reason to drive fast. no real reason to hurry. i have time.

i'm always afraid i'm going to get into an accident. i've never been in one, so i think if this happens, i will poop my pants real good. same with a speeding ticket. i've never had one of those either.

driving driving. always driving somewhere. always wasting gas.

there is no point to this entry.

i'm sorry i took your time.

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