i smoked.
2003-09-02 - 12:18 p.m.

last night, on my break at work, i stood in a puddle and stared at the moon. i smoked and shuffled around in the puddle until my pants were wet almost up to the knee. i smoked and i stepped out of the puddle and stood on the edge of the curb. i smoked and i bought a paper and dropped all my change while digging out fifty cents. i smoked and i walked really slowly up the steps because i didn't want to go back to work. I SMOKED AND I WALKED INTO THE DOOR AND SAT DOWN ON THE FLOOR AND READ MY NEWSPAPER. there was a plane crash. it didn't skid, it just crashed and collapsed on itself. that's happened to me before. i drank all my water in almost one drink and i heaved the bottle into the trash can. i enjoyed the sound it made so i heaved more things into the trash can. then i watched cartoons.

this is ending. this has to end. i have nothing left to say. endend end. bleh.

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