just. don't.
2003-09-08 - 10:23 p.m.

i should have never turned twenty one. my money is being eaten by the alcohol monster.

"hey, what do you want to do? there's nothing to do."

"well..let's go get drunk."

and there goes money.

i should have never turned eighteen. my money is being eaten by the tobacco monster. if i sit still, i smoke. if i'm in a car that doesn't have a no smoking rule, i smoke. if i'm on my break at work, i smoke. even if i'm not, i smoke.

which brings me to today. i smoked too much. after having not eaten much. i went to work and after about 15 minutes, i got hot and swayed around. i was nauceous and dizzy and jesus came down and said to me sternly "erin, don't smoke like that." and so i hung my head in shame and called daniel to come get me from work. i went to the front and stared at the manager until she looked up and i told her "you know what? i feel shitty. like i'm going to keel over and die." and she laughed at me! that bitch laughed! then she said "oh. well. ok." and called someone to work for me. by the time daniel has arrived i feel almost better. or at least i wasn't seeing things anymore. so daniel and i stay together as opposed to me going home. daniel and i go get drunk as opposed to me going home. CHICKEN AND ALCOHOL. oh yes!

we drive to the park. safely. don't whine about drinking and driving. and we watch little kiddies play soccer. and stuff and things. this is uninteresting.





oh well.

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